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General Flight Information

Our flights originate near Sevierville, Tennessee at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The topography of the area is 80% rolling farm land, and offers stunning 360° scenic views. From your aerial vantage point you can view Cherokee Lake to the north and Douglas Lake to the south, with the majestic Smoky Mountains in the background.

Your balloon will be piloted by an F.A.A. certificated commercial pilot and instructor.
We are usually available on weekends, weather permitting of course.

We schedule flights for early mornings or early evenings as these are the times of the day when the winds are calm and predictable, making for the safest and most pleasant experience possible. We meet just before sunrise or approx. 2 hours before sunset. The actual meeting time will change depending on the season.

We have selected a convenient 'meeting site' for all of our flights, but the actual 'launch site' changes almost everyday, based on the wind direction. We have selected several different launch sites to help insure beautiful scenery and ample down-wind landing areas.

Your flight will include at least 1 hour in-flight time, weather permitting. We normally fly below 1500-2000 feet above ground level. However, our actual flight altitude may vary each day, based on wind direction and what our guests feel comfortable with.

You should plan to set aside approximately 3 hours for your entire ballooning experience including meeting, pre-launch set-up and inflation of the balloon, flight, landing, and pack-up.

More information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


At Smoky Mountain Balloon Adventures we believe that ballooning is a very special activity that most people only experience once in their lifetime, and is best shared in small groups. That was the beauty of the sport that attracted us in the beginning, and we like to pass that feeling on to all of our guests, therefore ................

We book all flights as Private Flights

When you reserve a flight we guarantee that there will be ONLY those in your party on-board the balloon (plus your pilot of course). However, if you don't mind flying with other passengers who are not in your group, let us know when you make your reservation and we will leave it 'open' to book others at the same time. If we are able to add other passengers, everyone will receive the discounted Safari Flight rate.

Two Couple Private Flights Private Family Flights Marriage Proposal Flights
Flight with a Hop Fly with your Friends
Private Flight..... $295 per person*

discounted Safari Flight..... $235 per person*
*the Safari Flight rate applies only if you say it's OK for us to add other passengers to your flight and
we are able to do so, or if you book 4 or more passengers in your party.

These prices do not include sales tax

All flights include a Traditional Toast and the presentation of Commemorative Flight Certificates during the Post Flight Ceremony.

Lodging Packages
"Great for your Honeymoon or Anniversary"

Log Cabin Package

Log Cabin Living Room Bedroom Hot Tub Kitchen

Discover the peace and beauty of the Smoky Mountains. Authentic mountain log cabins equipped with everything you need to make your romantic weekend complete. Plunge into the swimming pool, relax in your own outdoor hot tub, indoor Jacuzzi or simply experience the breathtaking mountain views.

Please email or call for the latest pricing and availability.

    - OR -

    Bed & Breakfast Packages

    Persephone's Retreat Sunset in the Smokies

When you really want to get away from it all, these packages will re-create the charm of a country setting at the turn of the century. Whatever the nature lover in you desires, one of these packages will be the perfect one for you.

Please email or call for the latest pricing and availability.


There is a two night minimum stay on weekends. Holidays and October weekends may require a three night stay. Lodging availability may vary depending upon season and location. Prices may change without notice, so book early !!

Reservations and Additional Information

    Advance reservations are required. Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible, but next day flights are offered and based on availability. A $100.00 deposit is required on all flights and packages.

    Also, your reservation must be made early enough in your stay to allow us at least one rescheduling opportunity in case the flight is weathered out.

    E-mail us to make a reservation


    We also book flights during the off season (Jan.-Feb.-Mar.-Apr.) During these months all flights are booked as 'Private' flights. If you prefer, we can leave the flight 'open' to other passengers and you will only be billed at the Safari flight rate if other passengers are added. If you prefer not to leave the flight 'open' please let us know when you make your reservation.

Check-In and Weather Update

    You should check in by calling Smoky Mountain Balloon Adventures at (865) 622-1394 twenty-four hours prior to flight time. At that time we can update you on the weather forecast.


    A 72-hour cancellation notice is required. A customer cancellation with less than 72 hours, or a customer no-show on the date of the flight will be considered a forfeiture and the full cost of the flight will be due.

    If the flight is cancelled for any reason, and rescheduled by both parties, the initial deposit will apply toward the rescheduled date. The deposit shall be forfeited if the customer cancels the flight, and does not agree to reschedule.

    The deposit shall be totally refunded if the flight is cancelled for any reason, and a rescheduled date is not offered by Smoky Mountain Balloon Adventures.

    By confirming your reservation, you are agreeing to these policies and charges. This policy is applicable to Group and Private Flights. Deposit, cancellation and refund policies for our lodging partners may vary.


    In accordance with our everyday safety practices, Smoky Mountain Balloon Adventures will not conduct flights in less than acceptable ballooning weather.

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