Travelling has always been one activity that everyone wants to carry out at one point or another. Through time, we have also made a list of all the places that we want to visit, with the hope that we accomplish such dreams. Regardless of the impact, we all want to travel and have some fun. This fascination can also be directed towards something else that also makes us happy. The entertainment industry displays content based on different categories and travel is one of them. There are numerous TV shows and movies that are based on travelling, and you need to update the binge-watching habit. So, here are some of the best binge-worthy travel shows.


When you mix friendship with travel, you are left with a cool show that manages to grab eyeballs for all the right reasons. It dwells deep into the journey and does not pay much thought into the destination. You get to see the world through different shades, and these places are also the kind of ones that do not appear on travel websites. It also carries some humour and sprinkles them depending upon the situation. Since it is also available on Netflix, we suggest that you give it a try.

Vice Guides

Vice Guides is not the normal kind since it opens the door on people who have been shut by the world. It tries to explore places that don’t usually make it travel lists, as people do not want to visit these places. Be it North Korea or Liberia, the show goes all around, giving you the right insights. Some of these places are dangerous, and the characters that they feature are again realistic to a large extent. Long before it came to HBO, the website Vice had a long-running series of videos.

Long Way Round

Famous actor Ewan McGregor and a friend decide to circumnavigate the globe on their motorcycles. The entire process is filmed, and they do not miss out on anything. This show can be described as something that is unique and deserves to be watched. It is realistic, and nothing is being hidden from the audience. Some classic moments are also drawn when people recognise Ewan and when people don’t. So, if you are planning on watching it, then head to Hulu.

An Idiot Abroad

From the creators of “The Office” (the original creators), An Idiot Abroad is a show that takes you on a laughing riot. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant promise to take you on a wild ride that you may not have experienced before. Through pranks and various other activities, the show manages to keep you laughing until the very end. Since the show includes the name Ricky Gervais, you very well know what to expect.